September 5 - 7,2017
Shanghai New International Expo Centre
HUAWEI CONNECT Live is the live broadcast platform for Huawei global marketing events, and will be played on screens in public areas at the event and on its website. HUAWEI CONNECT Live will bring you live information about HUAWEI CONNECT 2017, including interviews with customers, partners, developers, government and industry organizations, analysts, business leaders, and technical experts. It will also feature live interactions with guests and footage from the latest exhibitions. Let HUAWEI CONNECT Live keep you up to date and show you around HUAWEI CONNECT 2017!
HCL Columns
  • 「In Conversation」
    Our customers, partners, government and industry organizations, entrepreneurs, developers, and Huawei's experts in a variety of domains will all visit the HUAWEI CONNECT Live studio to share their experiences and their unique insights into industry trends and the current hot topics.
  • 「In Innovation」
    Technical experts from Huawei and from various industries will bring you extraordinary cases, present professional commentaries, and show off the latest applications. They will also share in-depth insights about recent developments in AI, IoT, Big Data, and video technologies.
  • 「In the Moment」
    Our on-location reporters will show you around all 24,000 m2 of exhibition halls at HUAWEI CONNECT 2017, bringing you closer to the hottest technologies, demonstrations, and booth interactions.
  • 「In the News」
    Get real-time news, previews of the keynotes and agendas that you don't want to miss, and a review of each day's highlights, all at HUAWEI CONNECT Live!
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Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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